Waiting For Love

The Last of James Lee's Love Trilogy

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Waiting for Love on Deepavali Eve...   by admin
The Films 10/23/08 08:38:45 pm

Let's watch WAITING FOR LOVE the last part of James Lee's Love Trilogy series in this coming Deepavali Eve while waiting to celebrate!


DATE: Sunday 26th October 2008
TIME: 3:00PM
Duration: 70 minutes
Venue: IndieCine, KL Performing Art Centre (KLPAC)

Q & A with James Lee after the screening!

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Identity and Cinema: James Lee and the New Voice of Malaysian Cinema   by admin
James Lee 03/24/08 01:59:41 pm
Before We Fall In Love Again
"Before We Fall In Love Again"

By Andronika Martonova

How can we define the cinema of James Lee? Firstly his style, strongly exhibited in the love trilogy (or as the Betrayal Trilogy as it is sometimes called), is believed to be emblematic of the Malaysian New Wave. His themes are always explored through a love triangle. It is interesting that he explores this theme even in the absence of a physically present third character, as in Before We Fall in Love Again. Through his film language, Lee constructs an invisible presence of the other.

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"Waiting For Love" Film Festival Participation List   by admin
Film Festival 02/20/08 12:37:15 pm

Korea ~04/10/07-12/10/07
12th Pusan International Film Festival

France ~29/01/08 ? 05/02/08
14th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema

Switzerland ~01/02/08 ? 10/02/08

update: 22/02/08

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Waiting For Love

Three scenes about three couples with each portraying maybe the turning point of their relationship. First scene, Lim & Amelia are a couple who had been together for almost five years. While he works as a salesman and trying to save up for marriage, the girl are not sure if he?s the one she wants to marry. One day he confronts her about a letter from her admirer. Second scene, Pete & Bernice are a couple who had been together almost ten years. They?re not married because he doesn?t believe in marriage. While she tags along, one day she might realizes this may not be the man she wants to end up with. Third scene, we see Amy & Lai are a pair of secret lovers. This maybe their last meeting or maybe not. They may had loved each other in the past they may not now in this scene. This is the third and final part of James Lee's Love Trilogy which takes offers a glimpse of the life of three lovers.

James Lee


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