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MALAYSIAN GODS screening & futuristic talk with Elizabeth Wong (PKR), Arul (PSM) and Amir Muhammad   by admin  YouTube
Press Release 05/05/09 02:43:16 pm
Photo by Tan Chui Mui

MALAYSIAN GODS is back! The documentary directed by Amir Muhammad will have its screening at 8pm on Thursday, 7th May, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

There will be a panel discussion after the screening by Elizabeth Wong (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), Arul (Parti Sosialis Malaysia) and Amir is hoping that there will be an UMNO Youth representative. The session which titled "Reformasi, Tsunami & Beyond" will be chaired by Amir himself. We all know what happened in 1998 and 2008, but what will the country be like in 2018? The panel will put on their futuristic glasses.

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A Nutshell Review on MALAYSIAN GODS   by admin
Reviews 20/04/09 03:10:25 pm

MALAYSIAN GODS WORLD PREMIERE in Singapore International Film Festival
A Nutshell Review

During the mini-seminar session, Amir mentioned that Malaysian Gods had been passed without cuts back home, but also not permitted to be publicly screened. It's no surprise to this as he admitted, given the buzz the authorities had unwittingly created because of their banning of his earlier film The Last Communist. Hence the situation this film is now in. But as usual, from watching this across the Causeway, one wonders if political / politics-related films which might see the respective authorities on either side frown upon, would find an audience at the other side given a piqued interest, as well as hey, it's not talking about us here so we're cool about it?

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Still Photos of Malaysian Gods   by admin
The Film 01/03/09 04:57:47 pm
A Documentary by Amir Muhammad   by admin
The Film 03/02/09 03:03:57 pm
Photo by Tan Chui Mui

MALAYSIAN GODS | Malaysia | 2009 | Documentary | 70 minutes | Tamil | English subtitles

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Watch the Final Version of MALAYSIAN GODS Free!   by admin
News 12/01/09 02:09:33 pm

Catch MALAYSIAN GODS, the latest work of Amir Muhammad this week!


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Malaysian Gods

In September 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. His expulsion and subsequent trial for corruption and sodomy triggered a wave of street protests by his supporters and those who were against the authoritarian rule of the government. The label for this movement and era was 'reformasi' (reformation). Malaysian Gods takes a look at several pivotal protests that took place in the year following his sacking. It eschews archive footage in favour of interviews with people who are living, working in or visiting the actual locations of the demonstrations, about a decade later.

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