In What City Does It Live?

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About 'In What City'   by tat
About the film 09/26/06 07:56:16 pm

The very first idea of In What City Does It Live? is inspired by a real story of a Malay man who gathered men from his village to carry an abandoned wooden Malay house back to his house as a wedding gift for his daughter. This peculiar method of relocating a house is practiced in some Malay kampungs in Malaysia. Traditional Malay houses are built and raised on stilts. Some are not planted in the ground, thus making it possible of shifting from one place to another. This film deals with the cohesive spirit of the Malay community in a kampong and also touches on the superstitious belief of the Malays, who are in fact staunch Muslims.

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In What City Does It Live?

Liew Seng Tat.
He had just finished his debut feature film, FLOWER IN THE POCKET.

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