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TV Buddha, video installation (1974)
TV Cello, video-music performance, with Charlotte Moorman (1971)
Paik's early works display the signature image manipulations and colorizations of the Paik/Abe Synthesizer, a device he developed in 1969 with electronics engineer Shuya Abe. Paik's experiments with the Paik/Abe Synthesizer helped to revolutionize the technological grammar of the medium. The richly layered and textured alterations of his later works exhibit the tour-de-force imaging techniques of longtime collaborator Paul Garrin. Images multiply and divide within the frame; temporal and spatial shifts proliferate, visuals and sound are juxtaposed in ironic contexts.
(Source from:http://www.eai.org)

Nam Jun Paik's work :

'Some Prominent Video Artists & Their Work'

A little 'back in time' travel to survey on several prominent video artists & their works in 1960s-1980s, to create a historical context of the development of contemporary art videos.
Kok Siew Wai, Festival Director

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