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Figure in Video Art - Bill Viola   by admin  YouTube
about KLEX 10/10/10 08:05:01 pm
(Photo source: http://artsjournal.com)
Bill Viola is a major figure in video art. His installations and videotapes, which have received international recognition, are distinguished by a confluence of allegorical resonance and virtuosic control of technology. Viola explores video's temporal and optical systems to metaphorically examine modes of perception and cognition, and ultimately chart a symbolic quest for self. Employing a rigorous structuralism, a ritualized investigation of visual and acoustic phenomena, illusion and reality, he achieves a poetic articulation of visionary transcendence. Viola's extraordinary use of video technology to "sculpt" with time is one of his few "special effects." Time-lapse, slow motion, reversals, duration and other temporal interventions acquire metaphorical significance, evoking cycles of day and night, birth, life, death and renewal.
(Source from http://www.eai.org)

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Figure in Video Art - Nam Jun Paik   by admin  YouTube
about KLEX 10/06/10 06:32:49 pm
(Photo source:http://blog.johnjosephbachir.org)

Nam June Paik is a major contemporary artist and a seminal figure in video art. His video sculptures, installations, performances and tapes encompass one of the most influential and significant bodies of work in the medium.

From his Fluxus-based performances and altered television sets of the early 1960s, to his ground-breaking videotapes and multi-media installations of the 1970s, '80s and '90s, Paik has made an enormous contribution to the history and development of video as an art form. Exercising radical art-making strategies with irreverent humor, he deconstructs and demystifies the language, content and technology of television. Merging global communications theories with an antic Pop sensibility, his iconoclastic works explore the juncture of art and popular culture.

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Our Mission   by admin
about KLEX 07/26/10 01:59:21 pm

The Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival aims at
introducing both historical and contemporary experimental cinema to the
Malaysian audience, nurturing the experimental film and videomakers in the
region, and developing experimental cinema communities in Malaysia.

KLEX will be a venue for a discourse on critical issues related to the edge of
cinema art. Although experimental cinema is more recognized by the
general public in some countries as a genre, we would like to ask the
Malaysian audience a question:

What would be experimental cinema in Malaysia and is there a chance for development of this genre in Malaysia?

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