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Guana Gamok   by admin
News 05/19/11 03:40:59 pm
Photo courtesy of Sim, yeah the sexiest AD. (She made me said that.)

Guana gamok?
Here I'm writing to you again. Yes, there is only one reason I write:
Year Wihout A Summer is coming to TGV Mesra Mall, Kemaman this weekend.

Important commercial break:
Date & Location :
8pm-10pm, 21st (Sat) May 2011
8pm-10pm, 22nd (Sun) May 2011
(2 screenings only at TGV Mesra Mall, Terengganu)
Admission fee: RM 10.00
Free Admission for students!
Grab your ticket at special box office!

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10 things to do in Johor Bahru   by admin  YouTube
News 05/12/11 06:10:12 pm

We've just recovered from the Penang trip. It was very tiring yet exciting. We stuffed ourselves with tons of finger licking good foods. We shopped. And we even maneged to fly kite! And of course we cam-whored alot.

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P.S. We're coming to Penang   by admin
Behind the scenes 05/03/11 08:31:40 pm

This photo was taken by the 1st AD of Year Without A Summer, Sim.

We were waiting for the full moon at Pulau Ular.

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