Flower in The Pocket

A Film by Liew Seng Tat

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Rotterdam; Flower in the Pocket (Malaysia)   by admin
Reviews 09/02/08 12:00:22 pm

Variety Film Review:

The awards keep coming for "Flower in the Pocket," a slip of a film whose genuine humor and lack of pretension, not to mention palpable warmth, set it above the general run of new Malaysian cinema. Though demonstrably affiliated with the distancing style of the ultra-low budget Malaysian trend, freshman features helmer Liew Seng Tat is fortunate to have a couple of rascally brats around whose mischief-making offsets a tone too willing to hold the viewer at arm's length. Prizes at Pusan and Rotterdam guarantee a healthy fest life, though expectations may be greater than pic's mild charms.

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Flower In The Pocket - Cerita Azman, Azmi dan babanya   by admin
Reviews 17/01/08 11:37:27 am

By Ajami Hashim


Ini sebuah filem yang benar-benar saya ikuti ceritanya dari awal ke akhir seolah-olah tidak mengizinkan saya untuk menguap atau membelek telefon bimbit bagi membaca sms yang masuk! Sejujurnya saya kurang gemar menonton filem sebegini yang adakalanya sunyi-sepi tanpa sebarang bunyi atau muzik latar TETAPI filem yang ini saya 'masuk' ke dalamnya dan terhibur! Juga saya tidak ambil peduli sangat sekiranya ada pengkritik atau penonton lain yang mahu mengatakan filem ini berbaur sedikit sindiran sesama kaum? Saya tak kisah! Bagi saya TIADA beza seandainya filem ini dituturkan dalam bahasa Jerman atau Perancis kerana yang saya mahu kisahkan ialah ceritanya.

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Gertjan Zuilhof on Flower in The Pocket   by admin
Reviews 15/01/08 05:56:17 pm

Gertjan Zuilhof Programmer of IFFR

Two incomparable boys and the dog, and yet this isn't a children's film. Made with a comic timing of an experienced director. The motherless boys roam the streets while their father doesn't seem to be interested in them. Latest branch on the tree of Malaysian new wave.

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Kakiseni:Success At First Bloom   by admin
Reviews 23/12/07 05:21:22 pm

By Benjamin McKay

IT takes great skill to make a film about the emotional and material deprivation of young children without resorting to either sentimentality or sermonizing. How, instead, do you make an empathetic, realistic and non-preachy film about the plight of children in need and still manage to fully engage with your audience? Can, or indeed should, such a film be entertaining?

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Cinema Online: Flower In The Pocket   by admin
Reviews 16/11/07 10:19:52 am

By Lee Zhiang Yang

There is a great danger in judging Liew Seng Tat's maiden effort - for it will feel like you are judging children. As the man himself concedes openly, filming children in movies is a forewarned pitfall if you believe the things they tell you in film school. Having not been to one, Liew can at least be proud about being part of the oft-cited Malaysian New Wave of filmmaking, and that his quiet offering "Flower In The Pocket" has a strong case for having won some awards at Pusan earlier this year.

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Flower in The Pocket

Li Ahh and Li Ohm grow up motherless. They are neglected by their father Sui, a workaholic who spends the bulk of his time mending broken mannequins in his workshop. While he shuts himself out from the world, the two brothers roam the streets, get into fights and other troubles in school but for all they want is just love and to be loved.

A film by Liew Seng Tat.

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