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JE NE PARLE PAS FRANCAIS! post #010 - Merry Fucking Christmas   by tat
JE NE PARLE PA FRANCAIS! 20/12/08 11:02:52 am


It's the time of the year again... Paris is fully decorated with lights. All these colourful blinking lights don't make any difference if you are those people sleeping on the sidewalks in cold winter's days. Christmas makes lonely people even more lonelier. I do not celebrate Christmas and I certainly do not need to use Christmas as an excuse to get drunk, get laid, get trashed, get crabs, get STD and get laid again with STD. I do it everyday.

I only celebrated Christmas a few times with my ex-gf who's a devoted Christian with a fanatic Christian mother. We went over to her Christian friend's house for dinner, sang Christmas carols, praised God and exchanged gifts. I pretended to like the whole she-bang. There was once I fell asleep while singing "GOD, MY PARENTS ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO YOU, MY FATHER WAS SOMEONE WHO MADE MY MOTHER PREGNANT. MY MOTHER WAS JUST SOMEONE WHO GAVE BIRTH TO ME". Then when they were singing "GOD, PICK ME! PICK ME! I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN!", I was snoring. Needless to say, my then Christian girlfriend dumped my fucking ass and her fanatic Christian mother condemned me to hell with her cross.

Since I'm in hell, I won't be able to have a MERRY Christmas. You good humans have a merry one for me. Remember to spend more money.

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JE NE PARLE PAS FRANCAIS! aka I don't speak French is written by the filmmaker Liew Seng Tat during his stay in Paris. He is forced to write about his experience in Paris and update at least once a week. The characters and incidents described in JE NE PARLE PAS FRANCAIS! are always exaggerated, sometimes fictional and most of the time unpleasantly filthy. Please don't sue him.

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after reading this, all i can say is:

go to hell, Ah Tat!

no, wait. you're already there. forgot.

Merry Christmas. God bless.

allankoay [Visitor] · 20/12/08 @ 14:54
merry assmas to u too farkface!

its very exaggerated when u said u get laid in christmas, u will never get laid.. unless its that dog with 3 legs.

didi [Visitor] 21/12/08 @ 03:32
Allan: Hell is a nice place to be actually... See, whoever who's not muslims are condemned to hell. In hell, my neighbours are mother Theresa and Gandhi.

Didi: You closet homo, I get laid everyday with mrs. Palmer and her 5 daughters!

tat [Member] 21/12/08 @ 07:19
Tat, I can see how you try not to be alone in this X'mas week, you successfully gain some attention. Send my regards to Lucifer. Nikki.

admin [Member] · 22/12/08 @ 09:10
Merry Christmas folks...a regular reader of the blog... have fun.!!!!!!! Get laid!!!!!

nitesh [Visitor] · 24/12/08 @ 23:24
Dear all, I had a very nice Christmas evening. I had a 'getting to know each other better' session with a chick with dick.

tat [Member] 27/12/08 @ 01:48
that's good to know. did you fuck a warm pie?

allankoay [Visitor] · 27/12/08 @ 13:05

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