Call If You Need Me

A James Lee Film

It was supposed to be one long night   by El Topo
Behind The Scene 01/07/09 02:20:35 pm
Photo by Tan Chui Mui

Whenever I write or develop a story I always envisioned how the movie will look, how the characters will talk and the environment they will be set. Then usually I would like to find a title for the story, title whether working title or not is important for me to create the story. Usually the title will dictate the mood, style and rhythm of the movie in one way or the other. Or sometimes Im stuck or lost during the writing process I always go back to the title.

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We are shooting the new James Lee's film today!   by chuimui
Behind The Scene 12/09/08 03:14:26 pm
Addy, the gaffer is testing the lights. It looks like James is making a horror film!

CALL IF YOU NEED ME will be shot from 9th to 21st December. The shoot begins tonight!

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Call If You Need Me

The story of a simpleton Sunny from a village who arrives in the big city and got involved in organized crime through his cousin brother Pete and his slow progress up to the top where he had to choose between friendship and honor.

James Lee and his gang will blog about this new film!


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