Call If You Need Me

A James Lee Film

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News 12/14/09 01:27:49 pm

"...instant noir classic!"
John Krich, TIME

"Lee builds a slow-burning drama full of romance and despair that is unlike any other recent crime film." Travis Miles, LA Film Fest


Gentle, easy-going Or Kia moves from the countryside to Kuala Lumpur to work for his cousin and best friend Ah Soon, a mid-level gangster and enforcer. While Or Kia works hard to put a sister through school, Ah Soon cares for an unstable girlfriend prone to mysterious disappearances. As they both sink deeper into a nocturnal world of debts, drugs, and betrayal, Or Kia?s loyalties are strained when Ah Soon falls out of favor with the bosses and tries to escape the business.

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Press Release 04/02/09 06:29:20 pm
The Jury and the winners of Asian Digital Award.

James Lee's Call if You Need Me won silver digital prize in the Asian Digital Competition at the 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival. There are eight digital feature films from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea this year. The jury is formed by famous filmmakers Fruit Chan, Xie Fei, and also the German film festival programmer Erika Gregor.

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Malaysian films in 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival   by admin
Press Release 03/10/09 08:57:26 am

1. CALL IF YOU NEED ME (James Lee) - world premiere, competing in the Asian Digital category

2. TALENTIME (Yasmin Ahmad) - world premiere, in the Global Vision section, eligible for Signis award

3. HISTERIA (James Lee) - in the Midnight Heat section
4. BLOCK B (short) (Chris Chong) - in the Avant Garde section
5. TO SAY GOODBYE - in the Global Vision section - Love, Light, Lunacy

Call If You Need Me

The story of a simpleton Sunny from a village who arrives in the big city and got involved in organized crime through his cousin brother Pete and his slow progress up to the top where he had to choose between friendship and honor.

James Lee and his gang will blog about this new film!


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