Before We Fall In Love Again

Betrayal Trilogy

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Before We Fall In Love Again FREE Screening in KLPAC!   by admin
News 2008-09-03 17:03:50

Calling all Malaysia INDIE Film Supporter & Fans!
(and also James Lee's fans!)
!!Free Admission!!

First sequence of James Lee's Love Trilogy - Before We Fall In Love
will be screened in IndiCine, Level 2, KL Performing Art Central (KLPAC) this coming 13th September 2008 (Sat) @ 8.30pm!! Free Admission!!

We will again setting up Da Huang Pictures DVD stall (shamelessly) at the entrance to make sure you won't miss out any other titles. Q&A session after screening, don't miss out!!

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James LEE   by admin
Filmmakers 2007-06-23 03:22:13
James Lee produces, directs, and also works as
a cinematographer for many Malayisia films.

James Lee, a film director from Malaysia. He was born Lee Thim Heng on 13th December 1973 in the city of Ipoh in Perak.

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Poster & Info   by El Topo
The Film 2007-01-26 04:56:05

Da Huang Pictures & Paperheart
in association with October Pictures
and the support of the Hubert Bals Fund
and The Global Film Initiative

Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: MiniDV
Screening: BETA SP (PAL)
Duration: 99 mins

Screenplay by: James Lee
Producer: Tan Chui Mui & Lorna Tee
DOP: Teoh Gay Hian
Editor: Jimmy L. Ishmael
Executive Producer:
Amir Muhammad
Yasmin Ahmad
Nyu Ka Jin
Ho Yuhang
Daniel Yuen

Film Festival and Sales:
Lorna Tee

Online Presskit

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Before We Fall In Love Again: FULL CREDIT   by Nikki
The Film 2006-10-04 10:52:19

Written & Directed by ... James Lee

Producer ... Tan Chui Mui

Producer ... Lorna Tee

Director of Photography ... Teoh Gay Hian

Main Cast

Amy Len ... Ling Yue

Pete Teo ... Tong

Chye Chee Keong ... Chang

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Director's Statement   by El Topo
The Film 2006-09-16 12:54:51

As a person, I'm always interested in small stories that are filled with big emotions and complex characters, but as a filmmaker, I don't always choose to present those emotions and feelings in a very direct manner, especially as emotions tend to be very subjective matters that are entirely dependent on personal experience. But I am very interested in complex characters and situations where very little stands between what's right or wrong. I'm most interested in how these characters feel and what they need, especially characters who are guided by desperation, anxiety, passion and love.

In my movies, my characters are always deeply affected by dreams, and so it is again in Before We Fall In Love Again, a film set mostly in the night, and where the journey of the two male leads takes place in both a very familiar and unreal landscape. It's a place where the possibilities of their existences and that of the woman they both love might be nothing more pieces of memories, the dreams of memories. Their search for the truth proceeds only from the information provided by their memories. Trapped in an unreal state, or a state in which reality remains only in its most basic forms, both men need to wake up in order to continue with their normal lives.

Photographed in black and white meant to align the emotions of the characters with the moods and atmosphere of their surroundings, the film allows these characters to remain like beautiful passionate lovers trapped in a bleak black & white film, where only by rediscovering their frozen human emotions will they finally recover the capability to live, laugh and love.

BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN is a movie about dreaming your memories and recovering from betrayal in the strangest possible ways.

James Lee,
Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, June 2006

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Before We Fall In Love Again

It has been a month Chang's wife Ling Yue has been missing. With no reasons one fine day she went to work as usual and then never returns. No one knows where she went or what had happened to her. Chang could not figure out why she disappears out of the sudden. She left no message of whatever kind or clues. One day a man named Tong shows up and claims to be Ling Yues lover. Apparently Tong is looking for Ling Yue too. In a turn of event both men formed an uneasy alliance in order to find Ling Yue.



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