All About Yuyu
2018 | 90 mins | Mandarin and Chinese Dialects | Contemporary Martial Arts

(In Development)

Supported by Asian Project Market

Having inherited a secret mission given by a long gone empire, Yuyu, a 13 year old girl, has to choose between keeping the code of honour or seeking personal freedom.

Jiang falls in love with a girl in his class. They are both 13. At first he is intrigued by her extreme quietness in all her movement. One day, he witnesses her superhuman feat--she jumps over a fence, with a bicycle in her hands. Jiang learns more about Yuyu and her family's secret mission. Her family is the descendants of Emperor Yongle's secret police whom were sent to Malaysia in search for a certain Imperial Seal more than 600 years ago. Failure is unacceptable. It would mean humiliation and exiles to the family for generations. With an old grandfather who longs for the return to the ancestors’s homeland, Yuyu needs to decide if she wants to honour the code or live her life as she desires.